Fix: Home Page Car Logo Not Changing

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Fix: Home Page Car Logo Not Changing

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Re: Fix: Home Page Car Logo Not Changing

Post by rogerboy »

I have the new 2021 PX6. The home screen car "logo" will reset but you can't pick your own car/ logo. Also you can't pick your own boot car/logo. My car is a Lexus GS350 and the photo/logo is GS300 that I can't change.

I did speak with Phoenix Automotive technician however he could not resolve my issue. He asked me to download a link to the " boot logo changer.apk" provided by Phoenix so I did. The boot logo changer from Phoenix Automotive has an API error.
The error has a link that says to go to a developer site, telling you that a non-API application will not work on this version. So both the default boot changer and the app provided from Phoenix will no longer work to pick your own boot logo on the newer vertical fast boot PX6.

It would be nice if you could solve this issue. Possibly a new updated boot logo changer that will let you pick your own custom photo 1024x768.

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