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Radio firmware and other updates

All general discussions related to Phoenix Android Radio head units goes here.
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Radio firmware and other updates

Post by scottnj1966 »

Could someone show me where to find what the latest firmware and canbus updates are located?
I want to verify I am updated to the latest versions.

I have the SC7862 for a 2013 Chevy Avalanche with auto air.

Thank you
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How to get correct Protocol apk?

Post by SailArrrr »

I have a PX6 and everything works in my 21 Ranger except the A/C fan and the backup camera.
I have seen solutions online like this one:

Unfortunatly my only Protocol options are

Ford -> Everest Lo - > 16
-> Everest Hi - > 18

No Ranger .. or anything else.. listed.
I see the import table - but were do i get the file?
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