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2015 Tahoe LTZ no sound from ANY 3rd party app... HELP PLEASE!

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2015 Tahoe LTZ no sound from ANY 3rd party app... HELP PLEASE!

Post by LeadByIntegrity »

Hello to all,

I'm new to this forum. I've tried reaching out to Phoenix numerous time's and it seems as though they themselves gave up on trying to resolve my issue. I cannot request a refund no longer because I've had it for longer than 60 day's. Any how the issue at hand.

When I first installed the PX6 "fast boot" everything functioned perfectly, after about 40 minutes my phone stopped functioning on the unit (I have a Samsung S20 Ultra) my wife tried it on her phone as she was driving to work(IOS 12) it worked going to work However it failed to work on her way home. Literally no audio from ANY 3rd party app. That's when I reached out to Phoenix "tech" support. They themselves couldn't help me so they gave me an appointment when a tech was going call, well Robert the "tech" never called, I called back several time's with zero help, finally someone was willing to assist after one month. I sent them video clips of my issue, they sent me updates and tried changing settings with the same out come, no audio from 3rd party apps. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, hard reset on the unit and nothing. My stock IU functions perfect it's literally every and all 3rd party apps(I do have WIFI via OnStar). Then all of a sudden because the tech couldn't figure it out he just stopped responding and just gave up. I honestly believe it's this so called "audio digital reader" or the unit itself but they didn't even want to acknowledge that that could be a possibility. I'm actually really surprised that there aren't many threads on here about tahoes or GMC's.

Any how if anyone has experienced this and has fixed it please let me know, I'm wishing I just updated my OE unit instead of waisting my money on a unit that has so many flaws! Heck the wiring that is provided, you don't even need it, the unit literally functions without all them wire's. If it's supposed to be installed for the digital audio reader so you can receive audio from 3rd party apps then don't you think that mine is crap since it stopped working the 1st 40 min of install? Just saying.
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Re: 2015 Tahoe LTZ no sound from ANY 3rd party app... HELP PLEASE!

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Same here. Not the same car, but same problem. I’m working my 60 day but I suspect they will just ignore me
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