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px6 android 9 silverado & sierra

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px6 android 9 silverado & sierra

Post by f.aljutaili »

i have 3 points after i used my ( px6 android 9 for 12.1 inch )silverado & sierra :

1. when i use ( console ) and i receive call , the voice from cansole didn't stop and the voice from my call come from the small speaker .
2. every time when i receive call or i call someone the other side don't hear my voice because there is ( sound echo ) .
3. i try to program the button in right side to ( on / off AC ) but i can't.

just please try to help me to fix my best car android px6 android 9 .
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Re: px6 android 9 silverado & sierra

Post by RiverCake »

Not quite sure about the Chevy Silverado, but it must be similar to the FORD setup for me.

The AC thing is most likely that you have the wrong vehicle setup. Does you HVAC work at all?
If it is not responding, It can most likely be fixed by going into the "install set" settings, and select car type.
Check out what you have listed there, and you may find that your system is using the wrong selection.

As for the call stuff - my Ford is most likely different - but all of my calls still go through the original system in the vehicle.
The Pheonix radio displays the calls, and the original stereo provides the sound and mic for the call.
I am not sure how the Chevy system works, so it would be worthwhile to look at some videos on the net - typing Silverado in as a keyword
See below

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