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Navigation Radio for Chevrolet Camaro AC issue

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Navigation Radio for Chevrolet Camaro AC issue

Post by dsdomonick »

Hello, After installing my new Navigation radio I realize there is no AC app. It blows air however I do not have the ability to change my ac temperature. There is no climate app so I have no way of setting the direction I want the air to come out nor do I have the ability to set if I want hot or cold air.
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Re: Navigation Radio for Chevrolet Camaro AC issue

Post by RiverCake »

You probably have to go into the system setup and change from a HI to LO or something to that effect.
The radio needs to be set properly according to the type of car, and the level of complexity.

For example, I have a low end Ford Explorer, and does not have automatic climate control. It had Temperature knobs, and fan control.
The setting I need to have in the Tesla radio is EXPLORER LO.

If the Explorer was a higher end model, with Automatic climate control, the setting is EXPLORER HI.

These are set under Install Set, enter the password, and then change the vehicle, or see what your options are.
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