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Honda Accord Gen 7 steering wheel controls

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Honda Accord Gen 7 steering wheel controls

Post by phoenixgod »

I recently installed the Phoenix Automotive 10.1 inch large screen Android unit into my 2005 Honda Accord (Gen 7).

The install was relatively easy, other than the supplied connector for the AC unit was not needed (I assume this is only needed if the Honda does NOT have dual AC controls?)

The steering wheel controls, however, do not work. I can't figure out why since this should be pins 3 and 5 on the Blue connector and everything else on that connector seems to work fine.

Has anyone else had this issue?
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Re: Honda Accord Gen 7 steering wheel controls

Post by jvalentin1 »

I had this issue too and when I contact them for support it's usually a canned answer as in some features may not work with my model car. My one big gripe is that the steering wheel volume stopped functioning when I had issues when I got a replacement and the replacement wouldn't connect to my steering wheel volume control. I again asked for support and they play stupid as if these issues never happen. These people need to better support this garbage. I am stuck with it till I sell the car and pull the radio out and replace with the original so I can sell the damn thing and get some money back.
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