How To: PX6 Change Vehicle Home Screen Image

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How To: PX6 Change Vehicle Home Screen Image

Post by phoenixgod »

1. Google search the Vehicle desired with a transparent background

Tip: type in the car vehicle name and end the search with Render example " Ford Black F150 Render"

2. Resize the Photo to 1366x733 pixels

3. Convert the Image or Be sure the image is PNG file type

4. Name the image zxwlogo.png

5. Place the image in File Manager - Flash
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Re: How To: PX6 Change Vehicle Home Screen Image

Post by rogerboy »

This works on a PX6 2021 version RL78c. However on the verticle 11.8 screen the image size should be 740x313 to work without stretching the image.

If you like to play music you can use a player from the Play Store called Misciolet. It can play and also display cover art images on the screen. You can also use VLC video player to change the song photo art to whatever you want.

Also, about the boot up image. You can't change the boot image on a new PX6 MCU version RL78c because the built in boot changer software will not work.

Good stuff.
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