PX6 six-core Android 8.1 Update New Features (ZIP File) [September 2019]

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PX6 six-core Android 8.1 Update New Features (ZIP File) [September 2019]

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Two long-awaited features have been added to the PX6 six-core Android 8.1 vertical screen head units. Now the icons in the top menu bar can be arranged so that most-used apps will be more accessible.

Besides navigation app, music, video, and radio apps now can be linked to desired apps as well. You can get the features now through update if you have one of the nine units shown here: Product Pictures

The update can be downloaded here: PX6.ZIP

Easy Connect: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4fxp8vm3vbpx ... 5.apk?dl=0

1. Download the px6.zip file to a fat32 USB drive.
2. Plug the usb drive into one of the USB ports of the head unit, and follow the prompts.

*If the unit doesn't reboot automatically, use a pin to press the RST button to reboot.*
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