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Ford F-150 2009 AC Control Issue ( PX6)

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Marcel de Manager
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Ford F-150 2009 AC Control Issue ( PX6)

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Hi Fellow Tech Users,

I have a problem with my AC and I have NO clue. I hope I can get some from you guys.

The problem:
-I CAN control everything heated seats, heater, blower etc. But I can NOT control the AC. When I turn it on it wont turn on the AC. If I put the OEM unit on the AC works perfectly. It does not make any sense.

-Ive tried to get into the baudrate en canbus settings to try to change the settings as ive read on the internet. But I cant. Ive attatched some pictures to give more info about my set up.

The setup:

-Ford F150 (2009)
-It runs ons android 9 as you can see in the pictures

A penny for your thoughts!

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