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Issues with Phoenix Radio in new truck

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Issues with Phoenix Radio in new truck

Post by osesondra »

I recently purchased a new-for-me 2017 Ram 1500 with a Phoenix Automotive Radio already installed. I love it but have a few issues I'm trying to resolve. I recorded a 5-minute video showing these issues, and then a second 3-minute video showing all of the current settings:

The system info and model number are shown in the first video. To recap the questions shown in the video:

(1) My reversing camera was working fine when I received it but I think I messed up a setting somewhere because now it's just black. I show all the cables and settings in the video.

(2) No sound from rear speakers.

(3) By chance is there a way to disable the side mirror tilt when reversing? I don't have the original headunit.

(4) Are there any of the unused cables shown in the video that need to be hooked up somewhere?

Thanks for any help!
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