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Music App for these Chinese Tesla Radios

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Music App for these Chinese Tesla Radios

Post by RiverCake »

HI all,

I just wanted to let people know from my experience - the MUSIC app installed on this thing is garbage.
Not to be confused with the Bluetooth/Phone app- they are different.

I decided to put my music collection on an USB stick, and use it for "OFFLINE" use, using the existing Music App.
I have my music collection in folders. The problem was with the built in app - it did not display properly - and started re-organizing where music was, sometimes not even in a folder. It was very confusing, had names cutoff, etc. I tried playing with it.....but at the end of the day - I abandoned it.

I installed a NO-AD music app, called "Musicolet" - free from the playstore.

I am in no way endorsing this financially - or for any other reason other than it works great!
Change the default music app, and it works awesome!

I am sure that there are hundreds of music apps out there, but not too many without ad support. This one is free and clear of ads.
Thanks to the developer - and I hope that there are more out there that can learn from this hard experience of buying this Chinese Head unit.

Good luck!
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Re: Music App for these Chinese Tesla Radios

Post by rogerboy »

Yes, I also use the Play Store music player and it's the best! It also has a EQ that works. Just go to settings in the player and pick EQ use system EQ. Works good.
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