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UI no and style password (after system info password)

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UI no and style password (after system info password)

Post by Phjf »

Both UI options (no and style) require an additional password to change (after using system info password). Plus there is a very limited set of options for UI no and style. Does anyone have a clue for passwords, I have tried the ones I have found here. Can I upgrade version somehow to get more UI options? Phoenix Automotive have been absolutely horrible with help so far. Hoping someone here can help.

07-14 suburban version
Android 9 fast version
64 G
Built in Apple play
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Re: UI no and style password (after system info password)

Post by RiverCake »

Hi Phil,

I have a unit that I received a month ago, and feel for you. Half of the crap doesn't work right - if at all.

My system responds to password 7890, but a quick google search will come up with some more.

UI Style: KWUI

I only have one option for UI in my setup, and is called KWUI. There are no more choices as indicated on some of the video tutorials.

I am the same as you - hoping that some of us can come together and solve all of these issues.....
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