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PX6 Ford Sync 1 Version Radio App

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 3:15 pm
by RiverCake

I have a 2018 Base Ford Explorer, with the Sync 1 system installed.
I purchased the PX6 System, and have installed, and is operating - after lots of screen time trying to figure things out.

The SYNC radio portion of the new system is awful. I agree with others on similar threads that it seems like it was developed by a child.
It seems like these problems are linked to the version of SYNC installed.
(Colors are not good at night, some of the buttons don't work, not quite sure what TA means, there is no information any longer - the original 4" screen displayed more about the song, etc) This version of radio is really poorly programed. A magnifying glass is provided, but doesn't do anything. I have watched videos of others touching this button and a number entry system pops up....mine does nothing!

Are there any plans to have the app updated?

Otherwise, the system seems quite good from my last 2 weeks of ownership.

Re: PX6 Ford Sync 1 Version Radio App

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 4:35 pm
by RiverCake
I just wanted to mention that the settings are as follows:

Protocol: Zinbasi

Re: PX6 Ford Sync 1 Version Radio App

Posted: Tue May 18, 2021 1:05 am
by david3140
Also a Ford Sync 1 user with the PX6 from Phoenix. Your description of your issue with the radio UI sounds to be about the same I've noticed since installing this unit in my 17 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I'm also on the Xinbasi protocol and can't even get AM band or can't save or access saved stations. Can only scan FM stations one at a time. Had a video call with Phoenix Automotive tech support and he sent me a new MCU file to update the unit but it changed absolutely nothing.

Have you had any luck in changing or updating the radio UI?

Re: PX6 Ford Sync 1 Version Radio App

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 3:26 pm
by RiverCake
No, I have not had any further luck.
I have tried changing protocols, and even car type, but nothing works. The UI is different for each vehicle.
This forum is REALLY BAD. There is very little activity - I wonder if it would be better somewhere else -

The bottom line is that the FORD applications are quite buggy. The SYNC takes control of everything.
Not quite sure if you know, but there are 2 separate amplifiers once this new system is installed.
1 AMP is in the original RADIO, the other is in the new Radio. They conflict with one and another and cause issues that are described in other websites and videos.

I have been waiting for a new RADIO app to be released that works - at least I can FFW, BACK with the buttons on the radio itself - the buttons on my steering wheel don't work with the RADIO app, but all other apps in the new RADIO. That tells me it is the poor programming of the new RADIO app that is causing the issue.

I hope more people start posting questions/experiences on this forum as the distributer/manufacturer doesn't seem to care!