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Hi, my name is Martin  from Germany.

I've installed the phoenix Android System to my Toyota Prado and there are some issues which are not working fine.


  • Rear loud speaker are not working
  • Volume level is very low (was set up to first to 20 and after to 40 by original Radio before replace, but no different.)
  • Air contition temperature can only changed by Physical switch, not by menue by touch screen
  • Front Camera picture is inverse (left and right is changed)

Hope somone can halp me.


BR Martin

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Dear Martin,


I have similar problems with my tesla panel in my Prado (2007, A/C, OEM Navi, CD-changer, tape player, JBL amplifier).
I got harness ZF1116S (one CAN adapter, pink cables for A/C and many cables).

-rear speakers. Check by ears if rear speakers do not work when front speakers work.
my rear speaker are working, but AUDIO FADER doesn't work. Fader works like volume regulator (FR front-rear regulation causes that front and rear speakers are lauder or queiter together. Very low position of fader mutes all speakers, top position all speakers play music).

-level of volume - you can regulate the gain in "CONSOLE" in menu responsible for "AMP Info". There you have on the right hand site a list with descriptions like

FR <   0   > (front rear)  - this you can regulate from 0 up to 14

LR <   0    > (left right) -this you can regulate from 0 up to 14

ASL (automatic speed level

Bass this you can regulate from 0 up to 14

Treble this you can regulate from 0 up to 14 

and Cur VOL - this is place where you set level of audio signal. In my case I use 45-50, and it gives me very sensitive VOLUME regulator on "home" level, button Vol+/ Vol-.

And, there is additionaly another place to change the volume level (I found it yesterday, I haven't tested it). 
In SETTINGS (gear icon, top menu), then look for INSTALL SET (password is 8861) and there you have many options to set the Volume level for Radio, for Music, for Movie, for Bluetooth, TV, DVD, Car USB, AUX, others... I will be testing it tommorow :). I will let you know.

- Air Condition is regulated by plasctic buttons, any softkeys. In my case too. I lookk for some solution. There is some place in manu "TOUCH KEY" where should be possible a pairing "function with softkey". Pairing is the key to our success. But seller told me "do not change these settings". Producer prepared such menu, seller doesn't allow to change anything. 

-Camera. In my case I have rear camera inverted. I'm also looking for some solution.


If you meanwhile found some other solutions pls write me directly on my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just post it.




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