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  3. Tuesday, 06 August 2019

Hi evrybody... I'm happy to find this Forum. 

I'm lost with my RKPX3. I'm French (Sorry nobody's perfect), my name is Eric.

I hope someone will be able to help me.


My car is:




New Style PhaseII



MCUVer : 860B_CHHWY_F118-TD KPO V104

Framework Ver : rkpx3-eng 6.0.4 KTU84Q  eng.zxw 20170119.111449 test-keys

OSVer: 3.0.36+ Fri Jul 13 17:41:41 CST2018

APPVer: 20190126A-Ver1.1.0.chwy_1080_EN

Nandflash : 48.43G/56.33G

RAM: 1G/2G

Barcode : ZF-1803S02019043394



My Questions & requests :

-I'm looking for someone who can explain me all the menu BASIC SETTINGS / ADVANCED SETTINGS / FACTORY SETTINGS ... I would like to understand all. (I found all password exept developper for the tablet)

-I can't have my DATA TRIP

-I can't see my DATA A/C

-I have some cable on the harnais with no information! like a name write on a pink one is BOOTO? I've got a purple cable alone may be to get data ac?

-Why the rkpx3 ODB from the tablet have only 2 cables plug on Number 6&14 CAN Low&Hi of my OBD?

-I can't use a BT OBD to use TORQUE, because I can't pair device (No BT in the menu of Android except the application for Phone)!

-May I do an upgrade in 7.1? If yes, could you explain me and send me the adequat file?

-Can I see the GPS in split screen with the radio for example?

-Why does the Giroscope system not work? the symbol of the car does not move as I move the car.

-I would like to change some Icons at the top bar, because some of them are unusefull for me like DCR. How can I change it?

-Why the automatic Brightness doens't work when I switch on my front lights?

-Temperature at the top bar are strange and not real.

-A lot of applications seem to be not compatible, why? like YouTubes Kids!!!


@Phoenix, I watched almost all your videos, but I never found anything about my version of px3 (6.0.4) and I can't find any serious documentation of wiring.

I made an Excel that gathers my configuration, mail it would be necessary that someone could tell me if all the settings are correct.


I really hope to hace some answers...

Thx everyone... 



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