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DropBox Download link here. [px3.img] [January 28 2019]



1. Modify the logo of the Colorado and tahoe models.
2. The ram's US version adds a high selection.
3.F150 music up and down and pause to increase the mute sent to the protocol, and then unmute after two seconds.

1: Rams plus a US version of the high-profile model, the Protocol is high, and you still do the previous US version.
2: Silverado, Colorado selection When the original car is reversing, the reversing interface touch needs to be released, and the reversing screen needs to be touched.
3: Silverado, Colorado When choosing a 7-inch model, add a setting switch: when the car is turned on, the original car is reduced in volume.
The next song sends the original car volume; the volume is added to the next song, and the volume is reduced to the previous song. Press normally when the switch is off.
Set switch processing according to the up and down curve

1. Modify the overlap of the air conditioning fonts in the rear seat of Tahoe.
2. Modify the air conditioning wind speed of the rear seat of Tahoe automatically and then the air conditioner automatically changes.
3. Modify the air conditioner rear seat enable position.

1. When the F150 air conditioner is modified automatically, the wind speed display is automatic.

1.F150 modify the fake shutdown to wake up the power-on command to the protocol.
2. The middle control is all changed to the car standard + speed, speed
3. Increase the TAHOE car agreement.
4: F150 does not originate to the protocol when the central control is turned off.

1. Do not need to send the cut source problem when modifying the original Sync1 Bluetooth call.
2. Add F150 manual and automatic selection. Manually remove the air conditioning display, the central control shows the speed of the car and the car logo.
3. Add F150 manual and automatic transmission models to the protocol.

1. Modify the panel ambient light color is wrong.
2. The panel ambient light is changed to the light setting.
3. Modify the selection F150 Xinbas protocol does not have a central control display problem.
4.F150 Fox High is equipped with the original car CD to remove the radio function.

1. Add the F150 Singapore Airlines protocol.

1. Modifying the protocol upgrade will cause a problem of rising.

1. Modify each time you turn on the WiFi.

1. Modify the map, third-party music is closed.

1. Add the Fox sync1 2 3 and Add the Kurdot model.

1. Modify the Bluetooth music to enter the browser to turn off the Bluetooth music.
2. Add a partial map whitelist and do not turn off the music at startup.

1. Bluetooth update plays Bluetooth music card problem.
2. Modify the ambient light interface.

1. Modify the ram to wake up and request the door information.
2. Modify the overseas com.here.app.maps map does not locate the problem.

1. Modify the ram high with the bottom air conditioning temperature Add and decrease and air volume addition and subtraction no effect.

1. Modifying the 7.1 system MPH unit speed number and picture pointer is not a problem.

1. Modify the heating state of the rear window to be data0 bit0.
2. Modify Mazda 6 boot LOGO.

1. Add the display of three-color lights on the road.
2. Add the Mazda Logo display.

1. Modify the problem that the protocol cannot be upgraded.

1. The modification mode is sent unsuccessfully to the MCU, and there is a problem of long press regardless.

1. Modify the switching between the central control modes, abnormal problem.
2. Modify the switch between AUX and the central control, and an abnormal problem occurs.
3. In the center radio interface, there is a Bluetooth phone, and the source is cut off after the end.
4. When the FM radio is searched, the search bar number jumps.
5. When navigating and Bluetooth split screen, if you adjust the screen size, the Bluetooth concert stops playing, as if the Bluetooth is disconnected.

1. Silverado 4 inch Add with knob and Tone button.

1. Add the Navarra and Tuda models.

1. Modify the smooth upgrade.

1. Central control AC ECO is wrong
2. HERE maps cannot be used
3. The background of Silverado's control background is Chevy, GMC, and the background is the same.
4. Add 8836 original car reversing and retrofit processing, AUX and so on are all CVBS signals.
5. The default time zone is the Pacific time zone.

1. Modify 8836 CVBS no display problem.
2. Modifying wake-up after hibernation will cause a crash.

1. Hidden reversing radar
2. Add a second set of UI green ECO

1. Modify the speed unit
2. Modify the Silverado wind speed problem

1. Modify the language jump
2. Modify the central control error

1. Boot to Add language settings

1. Add air conditioning partition
2. Silverado's background in control
3.Solod screen

1. When playing the original car CD, our machine audio channel will not automatically switch back to the AUX channel.
2, seat ventilation will not automatically refresh the data, click back and then go back to refresh the right.
3, the original car meter display will not refresh the data above is the corresponding video.
4, modify the temperature data of the Silveradoe central control is not handled well and cause an error.
5. Modify the speed of the floating window unit

1. Modify the problem of invalid vehicle information selection

1. Modify the smooth car model selection settings

1.ACC OFF Disconnect Bluetooth
2. Add Infiniti 360
3. Add the part of the protocol

Silverado removes the high/medium

1. Add the selection of various sizes of screens and years of Silverado.

1. Add the bottom air conditioning direction control, automatic control display
2. Add the Silveradoe switch original car AUX prompt

1. Repackage the library file camera.rk30board.so

1. Add the parameters of the Silveradoe

1. Modify 8836 display problem (modified to falling edge valid)

1. Add reversing video color adjustment

1. Add the UI
2. Add the Silverado model

Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Is this suitable for my PX3 unit?

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