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  3. Wednesday, 25 March 2020

So i just installed my new px6 Android 9 unit in my 2017 Ram Rebel 2 days ago and i was really looking forward to using it but i have some issues.  Im trying to contact support but they don't always respond.  If you guys have had these issues and have any advice please let me know.

Sound works sometimes, rather inconsistent, i had the Spotify app Working and then it didn't, same with Bluetooth

No carplay, wireless or wired

Gps put me on the other side of the Earth, in Finland, i live in Wisconsin

Accelerometer has me completely flipped over

Backup cam is extremely dim on screen


Overall i see the potential of this and i really want to get it working, but i know Android has its glitches.


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Are you using wifi or BT for spotify? and are you using your phone as a hotspot?


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