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  3. Friday, 12 July 2019
20190712 004215
So in the picture i uploaded is the potion wich the touchscreen is not working , i knot kill the aplication or change the volume up ,down from the touch screen not working so i do it from the steering wheel button.I am not sure if i did something wrong in the settings i tried everything, i make the last update to but still and nothing works
Had been working before just for a few day after i installed ,and easy knot make video in youtube full screen ,after the kill aplication in right corner not working and in the end the volume and on the keyboard knot delete or press enter/ok like 3 cm from the screen on vertical line nothing's work it is a way to fix it.Sorry for my bad English and i hope someone will give me a hand and come with a solutions to solve this problem.Thanks you!

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