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I’m hoping someone on here can help me out with an issue I’ve been trying to solve for almost a week now. Last Thursday, I received and installed a PX6 12.1 Tesla style radio in my 2017 Ford F-150 XLT equipped with the Sync1 system and manual AC. I’m almost 100% sure I installed everything correctly or as far as I can tell from the horribly filmed Youtube videos that Phoenix Automotive subjects all their customers to! I Purchased the wireless CarPlay dongle, as well as the aftermarket backup camera. The unit and all of its functions perform as advertised, with one giant exception. I can’t get a single peep of sound to play through the speakers! The CarPlay app recognizes and displays what music should be playing but no music is being played out of the speakers. Literally every single mode of audio will not play. Not the radio, Bluetooth, USB, Sync etc! I figure it has to be a system setting or some other super easy fix, but I’m at a total loss and have had absolutely zero luck getting anyone to answer the phone for tech support! Is there anything that is supposed to be coming in or out of the Sync1 brain? If so, I’m not the wiring harness I received had anything to fit. I also had a question regarding the wiring the aftermarket backup camera. The truck did not come with an OEM backup camera, so do I use the harness they provide with the radio? Or do I just use the RCA’s in the camera box? Please HELP!!! 

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My PX6 was silent until I tried the settings in this video by fellow PX 6 owner Taka Iguchi.  First, go to 00:04:37 for his recommended audio settings. 


Second, you can also try this: from the top menu hit DSP (Audio Equalizer)>Balance> check that all dial levels are set to "Zero (0)", all mute switches set to "Minus (-)" then try touching just one of the dials briefly. The sound may suddenly be restored.

As for the back up camera wiring, use the long leads provided with the aftermarket camera. At the back of the vehicle attach the thin red feed wire to the 12v hot side of the back up light socket. Up at the head unit attach the yellow RCA camera feed to yellow female RCA marked "camera". Attach the thin red 12v feed wire that comes from the back of the vehicle to the thin brown wire marked "back" on the head unit.

Note that the camera and your PX6 BOTH generate measurement boundary lines in the back up video image so you will have to disable one of them. Most aftermarket cameras have either thin wire loops to cut or small setting switches. I am still looking for where the PX6 settings are located to disable this feature.

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