1. phoenixgod
  2. Lexus
  3. Friday, 22 February 2019

The aftermarket rear-view camera that came with the pheonix android radio for the Lexus Gx 470  died suddenly. I thought it was the cold weather we were having but was fine most of it. It turned out to be the red wire going inside to the camera junction (rubber mold where all the wires mix) had poor currents. I understand these junctions sometimes go bad. However, its possible it shorted out after water got to a part of the wire I had to solder earlier. Either way, it started acting funny before dying completely (no signal) video fee. The reverse fire lead still worked, just no video feed. Also, the camera had lights on it so it was getting power too.


I replaced it with a similar size camera from Alpine here ($50). I ended up removing the wire junction and figuring out which each wire went to using a voltage meter so I don't have this issue again. I just fed the new camera where they old one was (only removed interior rear door panel) and soldered what was needed. If you want to keep the wire junction, you can feed it through the front the same way but you might have to lose some of the rubber around it first before it fits inside the hole (can use a bench grinder).

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