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Hi all,


I have an 2013 Infiniti G37s Coupe (not X, not convertible), Bose, Nav, Parking Sensors. I just received my 13.6" 8.1 PX6 unit. Install went fine, but I'm having two issues. The primary issue is that the Dash and Tablet won't shut off when I kill the engine. Both stay fully illuminated indefinitely.

I checked the "Install Set" settings, entered the code, and noticed it was set to a Q50. I changed it to "G37" "Default". That only seemed to change the loading page.

I noticed a "Console" menu (IIRC), and saw that there were a few options there. I tinkered around and found that I could turn off options like 'external keyless entry' - the push-button function on the door when the key is near. Neat! I also saw something like "Display lights" or something, with a timer. Default was set to 0. After many reboots on different settings, and some patient testing, I was unable to get the dash to shut off.

Any ideas?


Also, issue #2 is that my backup cam doesn't work. Black screen with the guidance lines. "No Input". I was told on a different forum that it may be a harness issue, and that I need to remove the step-down converter. I may try that if I get the primary issue fixed, but I'll wait in case I have to send the unit back.




Edit: Also, when I click on "System info" the "Settings" app crashes. Not sure if that's an indicator that I need to re-flash the apps.

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Im having the exact same issue! But my os is 9. Tried calling tech support but no answer...

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