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  3. Thursday, 09 January 2020
Has anyone managed to install this radio and it works 100%? There is no instructions, no cable diagram and no support so this is a bit tricky... I have removed the old radio fascia, the amp and the screen, the cabling requires the amp to be present with the T harness so i leave it in. If i remove the screen then the cable doesnt plug anywhere on the harness and i cannot get sound out of the PX6. With the screen plugged in (why would you need that?) i can then get sound out of the radio but this seems daft that this would be needed and it also confuses the PX6 as sync comes up anytime you change the volume. The ac was working but i changed the settings so many times to try and get audio out of the PX6 that i think the unit got confused and pumped out hot air continuously with no ability to control AC. Full removal and refit of the OEM headunit managed to correct this and refitting the PX6 got the AC working again with onscreen buttons and the physical knobs. Settings i have used on a 2013 Ford 150 Sync 1 (F150Hi, Xinbasi Protocol, 13-14 Specail S1 Auto) seem to at least work on the AC. I still cannot get audio out of the PX6 and i cant think the unit would need the original screen to make this work. Anyone fitted this correctly and can guide on the process and correct cabling? Support is useless, a simple diagram would be at least useful to explain the install and probably cut down on the helpdesk requests. Anyone know the return process - do i need to get hold of support to do this?

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Please share photos if you have them

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