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I knew when I ordered my radio that support would be limited but I did not know how bad it really was. I received my radio in early December and installed it a couple of days later. Everything seem to work well except that I am only getting audio from my front speakers. I opened a ticket on their website and did get a fairly quick response asking for a picture of the wiring harness. I pulled the radio and sent them a picture. While the radio was out I compared the harness to the unused harness that was sent with RCA outputs for use with aftermarket amplifiers instead of the factory system. The unused harness clearly had outputs for front and rear. The harness in use with the factory system only had wires for front (left and right). This is where things got interesting. I have received no response from Phoenix whatsoever. The original ticket I opened has not been responded to for nearly 20 days now. I opened a 2nd ticket which has not been responded to since created (about 2 weeks now). I've called numerous times at all different hours and have never had a person answer the phone. I even filled out their online form to return the radio within 30 days and received an automated response confirming the request and stating that some will contact me shortly. Well nobody has reached out to me. Most recently I tried them on Facebook Messenger 5 days ago, no response yet. I'm starting to question if they have any intention of honoring their return policy. I've stated in the return request that if they would send me the correct harness with front and rear audio outputs for the factory system that I would happily keep the radio. Have any of you had success in contacting them?

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Wow!  As you said, I heard support would be bad but didn't expect it to be that bad!  Their site says to send them a picture of your car if you want to verify compatibility.  So, I took a picture and sent it to them.  That action created a ticket in their system.  It has been about 2 weeks with no response.  Given that my ticket would be the kind of ticket to generate a sale, I thought my kind of ticket would get looked at.  So, I thought maybe because of the holidays they might be slow at answering tickets.  Your experience doesn't bode well...

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