1. pghjerry
  2. General Discussion
  3. Saturday, 03 August 2019

I have the Phoenix PX3 1280x800 unit, is there any updates I can run or any other software I can run on this unit? I am just having trouble with slowness, choppy playback, audio and so forth.

MCUVer: 860C_CHHWY_F114-CAN80
FrameworkVer: px3-userdebug 7.1.1 NMF26F eng.zxw.20170905.151422 test-keys
OSVer: 3.0.101+ Mon Dec 24 11:38:12 CST 2018
AppVer: 20190124A-1280x800-860C-Ver1.0.0.chwy-Ov
NandFlash: 24.11G/26.88G
Memory: 711M/2G

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