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  3. Monday, 18 March 2019

Tstyle  7.1  - for 2015 ram 2500 , 

backup camera does not work with factory camera without running a power trigger to the green power cable on radio , no backup camera object detection beeps , ac controls from low to high  do not work correctly, on screen shows lo then 48F after you up click several times it will jump from 48F to 71F then back to 48 F until you get to 77F then 48F until you get to 91F then 48 F until you go to HI. 


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after plug and play all the connectors and cables not all the function are working:

1.rear factory camera not function 2. speed rotating incorect - base point is 32768(maximum) 3. sensors dont appear on the display 4. factory USB not function even they are connected

please, help me with some advices
thank you!


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