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I have a 2017 ram with a 10.4 model number rkpx3 i would like to know how to completely reset this back to out of the box new state  Or help figuring out why everytime i turn my vehicle on i have to reset unit it stays with door ajar on screen and no sound i am not the original owner so i cant get the company to give me any type of direction to look tried the you tube videos and updated both system and mcu this paticular problem started after the MCU update before that it was the bluetooth module staying connected. Also now i notice that even when the unit is powered down if im in the proximity of my truck say at work and i make a phone call it connects to my truck automatically. Im thinking a factory reset would be my best bet and start over  I tried the factory data reset in the backup and reset section of settings this did nothing


Please any help would be appreciated 

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There should be a pin size hole on the right of your hazard lights on the bottom of the radio. Press that and it should reset to factory. Hope this helps. Resized 20190528 065737

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