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Installed the PX6 Phoenix into my 2017 Powerstroke and it works GREAT!!!


The only issue i have which is really just an annoyance since I now have multiple working navigation options...   The SYNC3 OEM navigation is now tracking backwards North and South.  Meaning if I make a turn to the South, the navigation will show me going North on a road in that direction.  I know of one other person that has this same issue.


The only thing I can think if is when you move over the APIM and install it on the Phoenix, you turn it upside down in order to match the screw holes potentially inverting the tracking.  


I have searched through all the settings and cannot find anything that would fix this.   I have read that unhooking the battery and reconnecting may fix this.   Wondering is anyone out there has a remedy??  Thanks!

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Phoenix originally shipped a short cable to connect the APIM to the PX6 unit so you could only mount the APIM upside down, which in turn made the directions backwards.  They since remanufactured the cable so its longer and you can now connect the APIM rightside up. I would get that cable and flip your APIM over and you will be good to go!

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